How Can Attic Insulation Save Your Money?

How Can Attic Insulation Save Your Money?

You must keep your home warm in winters, especially if you live in a region with a cold climate. Sometimes, energy bills for every home cost a fortune due to the lack of proper attic insulation. Natural gas and heating prices typically increase every winter in most countries. Many consider wearing bulky clothes or turning down the thermostat to cut down on the costs. However, having your attic insulated is a practical but easy way to reduce your home energy consumption. Some Toronto attic insulation professionals believe that proper insulation can decrease your energy bill amounts up to even 50 percent during the winters.

Attic insulation is not only beneficial for keeping your home warm during the winter, but it will also help you keep your home cooling parameters in check. Home energy auditors can exactly tell you if your attic requires insulation. They will also determine how much your home is in need of protection. There may be some air leaks in your home attic and roof through which your home energy consumption increases. One may not afford all the costs and expenses of services related to attic insulation. In this case, it would help if you talk to an insulation expert to see how vital and necessary is attic insulation for your home then decide.

Insulation for Your Home Attic Floor

It is best not to use your attic as storage since you can simply insulate your attic by adding some material to its floor. If you consider your attic as a store, you can’t consider sufficient insulation material to conduct proper attic insulation. Even your attic surface is insulated, it is better to add a new insulation layer on the top of the previous one.

Different Types of Attic Insulation 

If you want to add DIY attic insulation, you can whether use loose-fill materials or batt. Loose-fill is known as blanket insulation too. No matter you have insulated your attic or it is uninsulated, you can check the material prices and options in the market and choose one of them that fits best your needs and budget. Do not forget the material you will buy for your attic insulation should be of the highest standards and quality. It is best if you choose among the labeled materials.


What Is Loose-fill Insulation? 

In loose-fill insulation, some packaged fibers are blown to the attic surface until you reach the desired dense and depth of the material. There is some specific machinery that you can rent and apply to blow the material. You can also conduct the loose-fill manually. However, this will harden the process, and you can’t meet your expectations.

How to Insulate Your Attic with Batts?

Batts are flexible materials widely used for attic insulation. You can find and buy batts in rolls and are sold in a variety of thicknesses in the market. Batt’s widths are standard, estimated between 16 to 24 inches. Batts can tightly fit the studs in your house framing.