Magento 2 PWA – Key To Build & Maintain Customer Loyalty

magento 2 pwa

Any Magento store would want to build strong customer loyalty to generate stable sales revenues and maintain a high market share. Magento 2 PWA development is definitely the solution to complete this mission.

Apart from bringing high-quality products, customer-caring services to satisfy consumers, Magento stores also need to improve the online shopping experience to engage customers.

While this may depend on the business’s strategy and staff’s competence, technology is also an important element to determine whether customers are satisfied with their time at the online store.

Magento PWA development can transform the current version of the Magento website and engage better with customers.

This post will discover the power behind the technology named Progressive Web App for Magento to boost the site performance and why PWA stores get more customers revisiting.

Let’s get started!

What Affects Customer’s Loyalty?


Any customers want to purchase a good and sustainable product.

Of course, there are times when they choose to buy something just because of the appealing packaging or the persuasive advertisements.

But for the products of the second purchase, it confirms that buyers are truly satisfied with the good quality.

Firms should not only focus on designing processes or marketing campaigns but they need to work on improving the products as well.

Only high-quality ones can keep consumers coming again to the store and help spread a good reputation within the community.


Good quality is not enough to convince customers if the price is too high or unaffordable.

The price must be reasonable.

This depends on the targeted customers of the business. Try to estimate the average living costs of them and announce the most appropriate price.

Customer service

The friendly and caring attitude from sales staff can motivate customers to make the second visit to the store.

Everyone loves to be treated well. Any famous companies like Starbucks, Apple, Uniqlo,… are known with amazing staffs who always take good care of customers.

Also, the store should design good policies for returning products, changing the size and guarantee program.

This shows that stores do not get rid of the responsibility but continue to serve customers well even after they have purchased the products.


Communication is the key to stay in any relationship.

Thus, it is important to remind customers of the sales promotion program, new release,… These new events can create motivation for customers to visit the store.

After all, we all love to buy things at a lower price than it supposed to be and be the first one to get the newest pieces from the store.

Shopping experience

A good online shopping experience can be defined in a little different way from the offline branches.

It includes a nice storefront, easy to locate buttons, high-quality images, fast loading speed,… These features can be achieved by constantly updating the store with the latest technology.

Membership program

If you want the customers to return to your store, try to create motivation for them by designing a membership program.

For example, a certain number of points can be added after customers purchased at the store.  Then, they can use these points to convert into discount code or gifts.

Social responsibility

Keeping a good social image can boost customer loyalty. Firms can work on the campaign like protecting the environment, supporting the elderly, raising funds for people from remote areas.

This does not only bring a good reputation but it implies that your business also cares about the community. Buyers can find their purchases from the store more meaningful when they are not only doing good for themselves but for others as well.

How Magento 2 PWA Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Quality and Price depend on the business’s production process.

For Membership programs, Social responsibility, and Customer service, Magento businesses can revise their strategy to make appropriate adjustments.

But Communication and Shopping experience might be rather hard to improve on, especially for Magento stores. It belongs to technology upgrades while most merchants are not experts in this field.

Magento 2 Progressive Web App integration can work as the solution to this concern.


Sending SMS and email is the most common method to notify store visitors.

However, it is rather costly and might not be so effective. There is no guarantee that customers will open the message as it can fall into the spam box.

Perhaps push notifications of Magento PWA can become a better communication channel between consumers and firms.

The notification content is up to merchants but the space is limited so try to make a short but intriguing message to attract customers to access.

Shopping experience

Thanks to PWA for Magento, the customer experience in the store can be enhanced significantly.

Easy installation

The “Add to home screen” feature from Magento PWA enables users to “install” the store on the phone just like any other mobile apps.

With quick access to the store by tapping the icon badge, it becomes way more convenient compared to memorizing the link and typing the website address.

Separate design for different devices

Progressive Web App for Magento gives users the best experience when shopping regardless of the devices they are using.

Adjustments on content and design are made to fit a wide range of screen sizes.

Fast loading speed

The loading speed is now optimized to a few seconds thanks to PWA. Consumers all want everything to serve instantly so this improvement probably helps them save time and spend more on wandering in the shop.

Available in offline conditions

Consumers who hate the “jumping dinosaur” scene when disconnected from the Internet would probably love this PWA feature.

Pages that they have viewed before can be opened even when there is no network connection.

Better security to protect from hackers

Magento Progressive Web App also increases site security due to SSL Certificates (HTTPS). Ensuring customers’ safety means boosting the trust in the brand.

Order in offline

Filling information for the order again sounds rather unrealistic. There are chances that customers no longer want to purchase the product after rethinking for some minutes.

To avoid this incidence, Magento 2 PWA introduced the “background sync” function so that data of any orders that suffer from the lost connection will be sent to merchants after reconnected to the Internet.

Magento 2 PWA Development Solutions

There are 3 main development methods for Magento 2 Progressive Web Application:

Magento PWA Extension

Low price and short time for PWA integration are the two most outstanding benefits of choosing this solution.

However, it is not effective in enhancing users’ experience since the site just goes through some slight changes. The website structure remains the same and PWA features are limited.

Magento PWA Studio

This is the only official tool offered by Magento. It is free and frequently updated.

However, the drawbacks might lie in the unappealing storefront and unfriendly design.

Also, the incompatibility with extensions and lack of Magento core features could end up costing much more than what merchants expect as they need to hire developers for customizing the default design and features to fit their business’s requirements.

Magento PWA Theme

This is the most recommended solution of the three. It is easy to install with a wide variety of designs. There are built-in features and extensions that are also compatible.

If firms want to get the best Magento 2 PWA themes, don’t choose free ones and make sure that the theme follows Magento coding standards.

In addition, when choosing the ready-made templates, merchants should consider the experience, expertise, and portfolio,… of the theme providers.

For example, Tigren has years of experience in Magento PWA development and accomplished many successful projects. That’s why TigrenPWA becomes the most sold theme at the moment.

Magento 2 PWA – The Beginning Of A Long-term Relationship With Customers

Developing customer loyalty paves the way for business growth. After all, products or services all have the final purpose to serve consumers.

Magento 2 Progressive Web App is definitely the tool merchants need to encourage customers to visit the store again and again.

The amazing shopping experience and a timely reminder on special events in the store work as the “carpet” to invite customers to access the store.

Several big brands like Starbucks, Alibaba, Twitter,… have taken the step. Will you be the next one in this movement?