The Best Go-Kart Place for Fun in Jacksonville

The Best Go-Kart Place for Fun in Jacksonville

If you’re looking for things to do in Jacksonville, whether as a resident or a visitor, and you enjoy go-kart racing, you’ve probably noticed that you have a lot of choices for where you can go to get in a race. That being said, we all know that not all go-kart tracks are created equal. If you want to make sure that you have the best go-karting experience possible then you likely want to know the best go-kart racing track in Jacksonville. Fortunately, this is incredibly easy to find because one of the courses leaves the rest in its dust. 

Making Your Race a Safe One.

Safety is incredibly important for go-karting. Nothing will sour up an otherwise perfect day like a trip to the emergency room.  That’s the biggest reason why Jacksonville’s indoor go-karting course has made safety their number one priority.

First they ensured that their karts were safe. It took hours of research but the karts they landed on are Italian 3rd generation electric go-karts. These specific karts have all sorts of safety features built right into them.

They have four point safety harnesses that are the same quality that the pros use, so you can be sure that if you accidentally hit something you’ll stay firmly seated in the kart. These karts have a very low chance of tipping or flipping because of how they’re weighted as well as because of the roll bars that are installed.

The course itself has special guard rails that are specifically designed to lessen the impact if you run into them. That makes the course even safer because no one wants to feel the full force of hitting a guardrail at full speed. If you’ve gotten into an accident of that nature on the highway in your car you know first hand how unpleasant that is. 

Because the karts are electric there are no emissions that you need to worry about breathing in. The air inside the facility is about as clean as you’d expect to find in a grocery store or department store, which means that even if everyone in your family is going to race at different times you won’t breathe in any of the nasty stuff that is commonly associated with the old school gasoline karts. 

Making Your Race a Fun One.

The only thing that Jacksonville’s indoor go-kart racetrack takes as seriously as safety is fun. That’s another reason why they went with the go-karts they chose. These karts have 20 horsepower and can go up to 50 miles per hour. That’s definitely fast enough for a good race without pushing the threshold of too fast, where a lot of people start getting uncomfortable.

You’ll race against nine other drivers, so things are always assured to be interesting. Because these karts have differential axles they’re easy enough for even the greenest beginner to have no issue navigating the turns on the course. That means that there’s a level playing field, and the more level the playing field the most interesting the race will be. 

Planning for the Perfect Weekend.

Many people would agree that a good go-kart race is a staple of a perfect weekend. Go-karting is a great way to blow off some steam while forgetting about your responsibilities for a little while. Whether you want to go alone or with your family or friends, you’re likely to have an absolutely stellar time. Go-karts have been a big part of the United States’ collective consciousness ever since they were invented in the 1950s, and every go-kart race you participate in is an extension of the proud heritage that go-karts have in this country.